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Some of our features

Quality Petrol

Quality Petrol

We deliver Super 98 and Special 95, the same fuel your car is already used to from local petrol stations.



We work on your schedule. Just tell us where your car is and when you want us to deliver the fuel!

Save Time

Save Time

No more taking detours for petrol stations! We fill your car while you take care of more important things.



At CAFU we apply a thorough screening process following best in class standard for choosing the finest Pilots ensuring we provide a quality service. All our pilots are HAZMAT trained and certified to handle fuel with our vehicles equipped with the latest safety technology. 

Be assured we are safe as well as convenient!


Select a plan which suits your needs

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AED 18.00

Per Fill Up

Happy Fueling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

What is CAFU?

CAFU is an “on-demand” fuel delivery service that will come and fill up your vehicle with petrol while you’re at home, work, or play. We make the whole process simple, safe, and convenient while saving you time and money.

Best thing, you will never have to stop for gas again!

CAFU is always available at your convenience. As long as we have permission to fill where your vehicle is located excluding, weather or traffic conditions we will be there.

While we would love to be present everywhere, right now we deliver fuel to specific number of locations in Dubai. As we grow together, we’ll ensure we’re present in more locations. You can also visit our website ( and vote for your location!

The CAFU app allows you to choose from various timeframes that best fits your schedule including overnight.
Happy Fueling!

Our objective is to always charge you the same amount you’d pay at any of the petrol stations for Regular and Premium petrol along with a small delivery fee.

A monthly or annual membership provides unlimited no-fee fill-ups for the month or year.

You can easily pay for your purchase using a Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX credit or debit card through our mobile application. We also support Apple Pay.
Once the driver fills up your vehicle we email a receipt which includes the number of liters, the price per liter, and the total Dirham amount processed on your credit or debit card.

To ensure we give you the best service, we have two delivery options:

  1. Pay-as-you-order
    At AED 18 per delivery, you can order a delivery whenever, where ever!
  2. CAFU +
    Our most popular option which gives you the flexibility of scheduling petrol for your car throughout the month, as many times as you want
What is CAFU+?

CAFU+ is our monthly subscription model which allows you to order petrol for one car multiple times for AED 45.

You can register a car per subscription and create a delivery schedule at your convenience. You will be charged AED 45 every month till you tell us not to! It’s that simple.

To make it easier for you to manage your fueling schedule, we have a unique “Pause” feature which allows you to hold all orders till you resume regular service.

Word of caution, if your account is “Paused” and up for renewal, we will not automatically renew your account and you will lose your CAFU+ subscription.

We take petrol quality seriously. We source our petrol from Emarat ensuring it’s the same quality your car is used to.

There are thousands of people in Dubai using CAFU for their gas delivery service. We don’t share our customer’s names but you will see our trucks regularly delivering in areas near or around you.
CAFU utilizes state of the art flow meter used by multinational oil & gas companies for fuel accuracy. Our fuel pump acts the same way as a fuel station pump and has an automatic nozzle which cannot dispense more than a gas tank need.
You can cancel your request through our mobile application and you will not be charged. However, once our driver is dispatched you will be charged a delivery fee, even if you are on a subscription mode.


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